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I've been absent for a while due to work commitments and so this blog has been on something of a hiatus over the last 18 months. However, I'm back and will be posting here again from time to time, although I'm also involved in a couple of new and exciting projects which I'll let you know more about later.

I thought I'd mark my return with a list of the Preppiest Movies. This list has been put together with the suggestions of a great many readers and is here by popular demand. Please let me know what you think and flag any that I may have missed...

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Preppiest Addresses

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There is a saying that goes:

"It is better to have the worst house in the best neighborhood than it is to have the best house in the worst neighborhood".

That being the case, I've been thinking for a long time about putting together a list of the Ritziest and preppiest towns, villages, suburbs and streets for some time... Please note that this will be a work-in-progress and any contributions are, as always, most welcome!

10 Preppiest Vehicles

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10. Lexus LS (1989 - Present)

The flagship model of Toyota's luxury range, the Lexus is a popular preppy choice, albeit a controversial one. Preps tend to prefer American, German or English craftsmanship over that from the Far East, however Toyota proved that the Japanese can do practical and luxurious when they introduced the LS in the late 80s. The LS400 was a very popular choice in the early 90s amongst preps and corporate executives - hence its inclusion at number 10 on this list. The first generation model is decidedly preppier than the more recent incarnation.



My previous post about skiing has got me excited about hitting the slopes (though it's unlikely that I'll get to do so before February... sigh). I'm already looking to get one or two new pieces before I go. One of the things I'm thinking about picking up is a new Parka coat.


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It's that time of year when I start planning a little sojourn to the mountains for some shredding. I love to ski, it makes for the best vacation. I love the cold, the snow, the awesome feeling from ripping up the slopes, the apr├ęs ski and the skiwear!

Lexington Company

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Lexington Company has the perfect preppy furnishings alongside their elegant, understated clothing lines for men, women and babies. A European label that focuses on classic American inspired stylings and modern interpretations of traditional designs, this is a go-to brand for the preppy. I love their bedding range - comfortable and fun.

Duffle Coat

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I find myself looking forward to winter during summer... I love pulling on thick knit sweaters and scarves and gloves and so on... After a couple of weeks of it though, it's a vastly different story!

No Brown in Town

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There is an age old saying, particularly in London and New York, referring to the wearing of brown suits or shoes in the office. "No Brown in Town".

Vintage Bicycles


Cycling can be a very preppy pastime. The equipment is expensive, access to open spaces is essential, it involves being outdoors and it requires a serious level of fitness in order to achieve any success.

Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor is a brand that I wasn't familiar with until a reader suggested I check them out. I must say, I quite like this German brand's apparel. Simple, preppy classics that are comfortable and well made with a distinctly New England flavor.