Preppiest Nicknames

Few true preps go by their real name. In fact, having a nickname and your choice thereof is a clear indicator of preppiness and, indeed, class. Many nicknames are acceptable, whatever the first name, and often some nicknames are suitable for boys or girls.
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Preppiest Summer Colonies

Summer Colonies are those famous resorts, whether seaside, lakeside or mountainous, that are and/or have traditionally been the choice destinations for the Upper Classes and celebrities. Here we have compiled a list of the most iconic resorts visited by the smart and proper.

Preppiest Movies

I've been absent for a while due to work commitments and so this blog has been on something of a hiatus over the last 18 months. However, I'm back and will be posting here again from time to time, although I'm also involved in a couple of new and exciting projects which I'll let you know more about later.

I thought I'd mark my return with a list of the Preppiest Movies. This list has been put together with the suggestions of a great many readers and is here by popular demand. Please let me know what you think and flag any that I may have missed...

2013 Social Calendar

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Whilst the Social Season itself may be limited to Summer, there are still a great many events taking place in the coming months that are worth attending. I certainly will be attempting to partake in as many as possible! In fact, as 2013 fast approaches and the fun of the festive season will soon have passed, I've found myself planning my New Year already so as to stave off those January Blues. 

Here's the key Society events for 2013 that you might like to consider being at... If you can think of other events worth including on this I'd be much obliged if you might let me know. Also - if you are organising an event that you would like to have listed, similarly, get in touch!

Preppiest Addresses

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There is a saying that goes:

"It is better to have the worst house in the best neighborhood than it is to have the best house in the worst neighborhood".

That being the case, I've been thinking for a long time about putting together a list of the Ritziest and preppiest towns, villages, suburbs and streets for some time... Please note that this will be a work-in-progress and any contributions are, as always, most welcome!

10 Preppiest Vehicles

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10. Lexus LS (1989 - Present)

The flagship model of Toyota's luxury range, the Lexus is a popular preppy choice, albeit a controversial one. Preps tend to prefer American, German or English craftsmanship over that from the Far East, however Toyota proved that the Japanese can do practical and luxurious when they introduced the LS in the late 80s. The LS400 was a very popular choice in the early 90s amongst preps and corporate executives - hence its inclusion at number 10 on this list. The first generation model is decidedly preppier than the more recent incarnation.