Choice Carriages: Volkswagen Golf

My very first car was a white VW Golf, Mk II Cabriolet, so it is with some degree of pride that I include the Golf on my list of preppy cars. Volkswagen have been producing the Golf since 1974 and it has had a loyal following ever since. The car is renowned for it's high quality finish, it's appealing design, it's performance and it's comfort.

The Mk II is probably the preppiest model and was featured prominently in movies of the 1980s (Can't Buy Me Love, for example). The cabriolet being the preppiest Mk II version. The GTi is probably the most highly prized Golf these days and has some serious poke (unfortunately resulting in higher car theft statistics than other vehicles).

2009-2011 Volkswagen Golf (5K) 118TSI Comfortline 5-door hatchback (2011-03-10) 01.jpg