Choice Carriages: Volvo Station Wagon

The Volvo station wagon (known as an estate or shooting brake in UK) is a preppy classic. It's iconic boxy shape has rarely changed through the years, it's approach to practicality over style and the fact that there is more than enough room to pack your golf clubs and the dogs makes this a highly coveted preppy vehicle.

Popular on both sides of the Atlantic, the Volvo is typically found in Upper Middle Class enclaves where it's versatility allows for efficient school runs during the week and country pursuits on the weekend. It's sensibilities make it an obvious choice for preps who are not looking to be ostentatious. Hence the vehicle has become particularly popular with money manager/accountant types as it conveys a trustworthy and cautious persona. The Volvo has an excellent safety track record and is supremely comfortable for long-distance journeys. Classic models are even preppier.