Oxford Button-Down Shirts

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As I find myself dragging far too much laundry for two people to the dry cleaners I can't help but notice that between myself and my missus we have a ridiculous number of casual shirts.

Realising that the majority of these shirts are casual button-down Oxford cloth shirts I couldn't continue too much further in my preppy Must Have series without including this shirt as it is clearly go-to apparel for both male and female preps. Comfortable in any weather and always smart, the button-down Oxford is the shirting of choice for the preppy.

Pastel colours tend to work best as do candy or bengal stripes and gingham checks. Those with buttoned polo collars are decidedly preppier than those without. Every prep wardrobe has a light blue, light grey, pink, yellow, white, light green and blue striped button-down oxford.

It should be noted that these shirts are designed for leisure (the collar fastening preventing the collar from flapping up on the wearer whilst playing polo) and should not be worn in the office except on a casual dress day. That being said, the wearing of these shirts is a key part of Ivy League/Trad style however I dare to venture that the Ivy League style is reminiscent of college campuses and thus not a suitable business attire.

Every decent menswear designer will have a couple of these in their collection, however Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines should be your first choices. Alternatively, go to Amazon where you can find shirts by designers such as Van Heusen and Jack Spade.