La Martina Shirt

I am heading away for a few days and will be spending some time at the beach whilst away (I intend to be able to blog whilst away so please don't fret). Putting a few things in to my overnight bag (by Aspinal of London, natch), I find an old La Martina shirt I picked up in Germany many years ago. It's a light green with various pictures across it and this is why I liked it. It is a perfect casual and fun alternative to the button-down Oxford.

These shirts are made of a light poplin and feature various polo related pictures/badges and so on. La Martina has long been regarder as the pre-eminent polo outfitter and equipment suppliers and thus it is of no surprise that this Argentinian brand is held in high-esteem by preps. My old shirt doesn't fit so well so I intend to pick up a new one and rather like the official Argentinian team shirt pictured above. A cheeky casual shirt that will look great at the beach or other informal occasions.

La Martina also make a wonderful range of fun polo shirts and their website allows you to custom design shirts for your polo team.

Amazon also carry some La Martina products.