Polo Shirt (Popped Collar Optional)

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Think preppy, think polo shirt. Comfortable, smart, stylish, perfect. Invented in the 1920s by Lacoste so that tennis players might be more comfortable whilst playing, the design was developed and adopted around the same time for Argentinian polo players (their design featuring a polo player and hence the polo shirt moniker despite the shirts tennis origins). Now used universally for golf, tennis and polo amongst other sports, nothing says preppier quite as well as the eponymous polo shirt.
Some of the choiciest are below.


Available in a range of colours but I think it always looks best in white. The original polo shirt. Enough said.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren introduced his shirts into his polo range in the 1970s (and thus ensuring that the polo shirt name would remain synonymous with this style). Again available in a range of colours and styles - this is the polo shirt of choice for the discerning prep and looks just as good in the office on a casual friday as it does playing 18 holes at the country club.

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines have a range of polos in delicious colour choices with collars that are just screaming to be popped. Preppy and proud!

Fred Perry

Another classic tennis shirt, Fred Perry has garnered a loyal and edgier fan base than the more conservative brands above. In many parts of the UK & Ireland a "Fred Perry" is a more common term for a polo shirt.