Prince Albert Slippers

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I am exhausted after a long day rowing in hot weather. The lady in my life has gone to a show with some of her friends leaving me in command of the television for the evening. I intend to vegetate but first I shall need to slip into something comfortable. Time to fetch my Prince Alberts from the closet before I fetch myself a beer from the fridge.

Prince Albert was a famously snappy dresser. One of the most iconic aspects of his fashion sense was his preferred choice of slipper. A soft velvet slip-on, often decorated with stitched decal on the upper. These slippers have been a Must Have for any discerning gentleman, however they have recently become something of a fashion trend for urban hispters too. Unfortunately, the modern trend is to wear these as casual footwear. These are not appropriate for outdoor use at all and I frankly don't understand this trend.

Various clothiers produce a range of these slippers but new label Del Toro makes my favorites. I am particularly fond of their boat slipper.