Nantucket Reds

It's super hot today and I've relished the opportunity to pull out an old pair of Nantucket Red shorts.

Thus the second instalment of my preppy Must Haves series is the deliciously preppy classic Nantucket Reds. I've got a couple of pairs in both long and short version in varying degrees of fade. These beauties look best after years of heavy wearing (the dye fades to a salmon pink colour). However, I also like the brand new red look too hence why I advocate keeping more than one pair!

The original Nantucket Reds are made and sold by the pillar of prepdom - Murrays' Toggery Shop on Nantucket. Every visit to Nantucket warrants a trip to Murray's. However, if Nantucket isn't where you summer, go to Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger and various others for similar styles.