Sail Bags

I must admit that I love things that are so exclusively preppy that only proper preppies could know about them. The above sail bags are such items. You won't find these in your local state school on the shoulder of wannabe preps. Why?

Firstly, the manufacturer - Irish sailmaker McWilliam - doesn't have a website. Or a store. Or even a list of preferred retailers. So how does one find out about them? They are sold at your yacht club's merchandise store or at dedicated specialist sailing suppliers. Thus, only preppies have access to them. Wonderful.

McWilliam produce a range of striped sail bags that are the perfect means for carrying your wet gear to the yacht club, or simply your gym gear to the gym. Simple, elegant, and striped with wonderfully vibrant colours, the McWilliam Euro Stripe Sail Bag is undoubtedly a preppy Must Have!

Worn over both shoulders (akin to a backpack) or slung over one shoulder, these are very popular amongst the Irish yachting set and becoming increasingly so in the United Kingdom... try and find the one with the rainbow stripe handles! I have one in the green and white stripe which has found many admirers at my boat club.

I'll let you in on a little preppy secret - these are available online from CH Marine, a specialist sailing store in Cork (and worth a visit if ever you are sailing in Ireland).