Straw Boater

Seeing as it is ridiculously hot today, I have been advised to don a hat in order that I might avoid heatstroke. Don a hat? In this heat? I want to wear less not more!

Thankfully, there is a solution... (exhale). The straw boater. I am delighted to see the straw boater is making a comeback this summer! A fantastically preppy piece of headwear that is part of the uniform at Henley and Wimbledon (ideally with your club colours adorning the headband). Pair with shorts and an oxford shirt for a casual look or dress it up with chinos, a boating blazer and a cheeky madras bow tie...

These are also perfect for summer festivals or days at the beach. Nothing says relaxed like sleeping on an Adirondack lounger with your face covered by a straw boater. Word to the wise: Don't wear these in the company of goats... (a long story that ends with my father's hat being eaten).
Some of you may even have had to wear these hats as part of your school uniform?