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Whilst I sit here sipping a cup of tea the weather forecaster is warning me that there may well be light rain showers today. I have plans for the day that involve being outside for quite some time, however I hate to carry an umbrella around all day (I find them so cumbersome and tend to lose them all too easily). I will have to bring a light jacket with me.

Needing a casual yet waterproof jacket, I grab my Barbour. J. Barbour & Sons is a classic British outerwear manufacturer is so highly regarded that they are the holder of three Royal Warrants. The beloved brand was founded in the late 1800s in Scotland where they fast garnered a reputation for selling fine oilskins to protect against the foul Scottish weather.

With a renowned design team that includes Lord James Percy (younger brother of the Duke of Northumberland), Barbour produces a range of waterproof jackets as well as hard-wearing country clothing in tweeds, moleskins and corduroys. Barbour also produce a range of Tattersall shirts which are essential country attire.