Recommended Reading: Town & Country Magazine

Town & Country has been chronicling the lives of America's social classes since 1846 (in it's various guises) and is still the magazine of choice for many preppies. The magazine, published monthly, contains articles focusing on fashion, social events, arts, philanthropy and so on and is packed from cover to cover with adverts for the finest preppy Must-Haves.

Something of a bible for Social Register wannabes, the magazine still retains a certain degree of respect with the social elite.

I must admit to this magazine being something of a guilty pleasure of mine and relish the chance to leaf through the pages once my significant other has finisher her reading of it (this shall remain our secret)! Old T&C covers have become something of a collector's item.

The magazine has been evolving into something more of a fashion and gossip magazine over the last number of years in a bid to widen it's circulation and shake off it's WASPy image. What a shame.