Summer Colony: Nantucket

There was once a man from Nantucket... well, maybe I won't complete this infamous limerick for fear of upsetting some of my readers!

This famous island has long been revered by preppy types for it's beautiful scenery, fantastic beaches and for it's sailing. One of the most expensive districts in Massachusetts, Nantucket is a very popular habitat and summer destination for wealthy preps.

It's indigenous name translates to "Faraway Land" referencing it's geographical location some 30 miles off Cape Cod. With an array of 18th and 19th Century clapboard housing so representative of the Cape Cod architectural style, pristine beaches with sandy bluffs, old lighthouses and whalers huts it is unsurprising that so many tourists flock to the small island every summer.

Home to the infamous Murray's Toggery Shop (of Nantucket Reds fame), the Sankaty Head Lighthouse, the Whaling Museum, loads of little caf├ęs, old guard mansions, bookshops and arts & crafts stores, Nantucket (AKA the Grey Lady) is perfect for a relaxing break. Grab your Nantucket Reds and book a room at the Wauwinet and find out why every preppy home has a map of this legendary island on the wall in the study...

Where: Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States of America
When: Summer