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Coastal living has always been a preppy dream. Being able to take Spike (the cocker spaniel) for his constitutional walk along the beach in the morning, the salty sea breeze blowing through the hair and being able to take the sloop out for a cheeky jaunt at every possibility... Key.

Thus, preppies have always held seaside icons in high esteem. Lighthouses are the most highly regarded of all seaside architectural icons. Not only does the very sight lead preppies to reminisce on all of those wonderful summers past but they are also sailors' dear friends. They look good but also perform a very serious role. A perfect representation of what preppy is all about.

Whilst the need for lighthouses has waned, their popularity has remained strong. Every preppy household has a painting/ceramic lighthouse somewhere. It has always been a childhood fantasy of mine to own and live in a lighthouse. I'm sure that this is grossly impractical but I still keep my fingers crossed that one day I'll get me a nice lighthouse on the coast... ah but one can only dream.