London Calling

I'm getting very excited... like a schoolboy the night before a school trip. Tomorrow I fly to London where I will be spending a couple of weeks catching up with friends and family. I'm hoping to get around some of my favorite shops and caf├ęs and will be sure to post the best here for you. I'm also due to make a visit to Oxford to watch some of the Oxford City Royal Regatta (in which some of my friends are competing). I'd better bring the camera to get some snaps from the weekend too.

I hope the rioting and looting has quietened down some, if not, maybe I should prepare a map of the choiciest stores to ensure I loot some nice stuff... :)

In other news, I was asked today if I was one of the preps at my High School... a question that always irks me. Preps attend prep schools - this is the very origin of the term. Thus, everybody at my prep school was a prep and nobody at the High School was a prep, save for the one or two who transferred for whatever reasons (normally disciplinary). What do you think about this? Has preppy culture evolved to the point that people who do not grow up in the textbook preppy environment can now be assumed to be preps?

I also stumbled across a discussion about the values of attending a prep school vs local high schools. Many people seemed to have strong opinions on the matter. A large number of non-preps who had very successful academic records (Ivy plus colleges) and great careers were of the opinion that prep schools had no value. Personally, whilst I agree that one does not have to attend a prep school to succeed, I do think that there is a massive intrinsic value. It's all about the network. The Old Boys Club. Also, statistically, prep school alumni have a higher proportionate representation in the professions, arts, politics and diplomatic services then do non-preps. Surely these are good reasons to go prep school over local schools? I'm keen to hear what your thoughts might be.