Cucumber Sandwiches

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Those of you who read my previous post will know that I was recently at a hog roast garden party with a number of old college friends. A jug of Pimms and a game of croquet (with modified rules involving drinking penalties, of course) kicked off the evening and set for the tone for what was to become a raucous party that ended fully-dressed in the swimming pool...

A few things from my evening stuck in my mind as being worth posting on this blog... One being the Cucumber Sandwich. This dainty tea sandwich has given me an idea for a new series of posts about preppy foods.

Cucumber sandwiches are definitely a preppy fave. Thin slices of cucumber (which can be served with various condiments) spread onto thin sliced white bread (no crusts). So simple, so elegant and so refreshing. Cucumber sandwiches have long been associated with crusty wedding buffets and cricket matches. This beloved English classic was the result of the rise in prominence of the Afternoon Tea, where small delicate sandwiches were consumed as a snack.