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Westport Adirondack Chair - Natural (Natural) (36"H x 35"W x 28.25"D)

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently attended a garden party hosted by a good friend of mine and was inspired to post about a couple of things which came to my attention as being quintessentially preppy. One was the Cucumber Sandwich, the other was the Adirondack chair. Our host had a number of oak Adirondacks near the pool and it reminded me of my parents summer house on the Cape. My parents also had a number of Adirondack chairs and loungers (stained white). It is quite clear to me that this style of garden chair is very, very preppy.

Adirondack chairs were designed in the early part of last century and were so named as the designer - Thomas Lee - was on vacation in the Adirondacks when he developed the concept of such chairs. Adirondack chairs have a slanted seat and back so that they might sit better on the steep mountain inclines of the Adirondacks region.

For your mountain cottage go for green or dark brown stained woods. For your beachside summer home you should go for a light wood, white or very pale blue. Striped cushions look best - particularly nautical stripes.

You can order Adirondack chairs and loungers at Adirondack Chairs.