Bodywarmer Vests

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Fall is soon upon us and that means cooler evenings, breezes, falling leaves and that weekend visit to New England/The Maritimes to admire the autumnal leafscape (did I just make up a word?). I love Fall. I love the changing weather, I love the warmer clothes and I love to walk in the big piles of leaves that litter the streets!

One key item in my Fall wardrobe is my quilted bodywarmer vest (sometimes referred to as a gilet in the United Kingdom, though this is not strictly the correct term). I have a couple of these - my favorite being my black one from The North Face. I also have a lovely navy one from Tommy Hilfiger. These vest jackets are great for keeping you warm whilst not stifling you and still allowing you to engage in activity without restriction. A recent visit to London and a spot of chilly weather showed me that these jackets are part of the uniform in the posher areas of the city.

I would advocate staying away from bodywarmers with the corduroy uppers - these are just too city slicker escapes to the country to be preppy.