Nautical Striped Sweater

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"Sailing is like sex to these people"

Preppy folk love sailing and all things nautical. The above quote (taken from "The Wedding Crashers" movie) is indeed true. Thus it can be of no surprise that nautical stripes (i.e. white and navy alternate stripes) are often used to pattern preppy paraphanalia.

The recent resurgence in popularity of all things preppy has lead to nautical striped sweaters and t-shirts becomming very much en vogue at the moment. In fact, I noticed many high street stores in London displaying such items in their window displays.

The go-to choice for true preps is French fashion label Saint James who have been making sailing inspired casual wear for over a hundred years. Their nautical sweater is a beauty. With buttons on the shoulder and a solid upper over nautical rep stripes, it is no surprise that this has been a staple in preppy wardrobes around the world for a long long time. It is available in red and also in reverse colours (my favorite). They also carry a range of long sleeve tees which are trés preppy, n'est pas?