Rugbies (Rugby Jersey)

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I love rugby (union not league). In my mind it is the greatest team sport that there is. Few other sports are so dependent on the quality of the team as a unit rather than the individual flair of key players. Few other sports can offer a position for people of every shape and size. Few other sports require the level of strategic planning and tactical gameplay. Few other sports are as preppy. It is no surprise that rugby union is the primary sport of so many prep schools around the world.

I spent many a wet and cold Wednesday or Saturday afternoon (you see my boarding school had lessons and rugby on Saturdays!) togged out in my oversized jersey (not dissimilar to the above - let's see who can work out which school I went to...), covered in mud and sore from all of the heavy tackles I had taken. It made a man out of me!

The school rugby jersey was worn with pride even on non-rugby days. In fact, at every match an army of old boy pastmen would be present wearing their old school jerseys too. I often wear mine to this day. Made out of a heavy cotton with a soft collar, rugby jerseys are a perfect casual top. They are smart, functional and very comfortable. Rep stripes are the most versatile. Pinks and blues are the preppiest!

Modern rugby jerseys aren't quite as preppy as they have been developed in keeping with modern sports science and tend to resemble soccer jerseys (never to be worn under any circumstances!!).

Canterbury of New Zealand are the pre-eminent supplier of rugby gear and have also recently launched a range of casual wear which has my seal of approval! Look out for their "uglies" range as these are very preppy (and are available at Amazon). Kukri, Samurai, KooGa, RugbyTech, Russell Athletic and various others also make a range of technical rugby wear. Rugby by Ralph Lauren has a delicious range of classic rugbies as do Cotton Traders, Edwards Heavies and Eden Park.