Greenwich, CT


Today I have decided to commit some serious hours to writing some material for a book which has been haunting my mind for the best part of the year. I am having some serious difficulty determining a setting for this work... On the plus side, this gives me an excuse for hitting the road and doing some "research"!

With any luck, my road trip should allow me to visit the numerous preppy neighbourhoods of the Northeastern States and eastern Canada. It could be fun to get a list of the various preppy enclaves so I'm looking forward to this new post series.

An obvious starting point is the wealthy, old guard town of Greenwich, Connecticut. Situated in Fairfield County (an area known as the Gold Coast due to the idyllic seaside location and the significant wealth of the inhabitants), Greenwich has often been labelled as the highest earning town in the United States. Similar to Mayfair in London, Greenwich has become a center for hedge funds and private equity funds due to its proximity to New York City (Manhattan is visible from Round Hill).

Greenwich's popularity with the preppy set is unsurprising given its location. New York City is only a stone's throw away and the beaches of some of New England's finest summer colonies are within very reasonable driving distance. Furthermore, the town is home to a number of the country's leading academic institutions, golf and country clubs and sailing clubs ensuring that the preppy family has all necessary amenities.

Famous as the home of Best & Co, a bastion of preppy culture which is currently undergoing a revival, other points of interest include the Bruce Museum, Great Captain Island and its lighthouse and Putnam Cottage. Alternatively, simply enjoy the many little stores and coffee shops that line the town's streets or take a stroll through the various neighbourhoods and enjoy the federal and colonial architecture. If you're looking for a comfortable stay then I thoroughly recommend the Delamar Hotel, a landmark on the harbourfront.