Is there anything preppier than a beautifully cut seersucker suit for summer socialising? Probably not. I Love seersucker (capitalised for effect)! I do have a couple of seersucker suits as well as a fantastic light blue seersucker bed linen set. Delightful!

Seersucker is another fabric that came into modern usage as a consequence of British colonialism (Madras being another) and is perfect for use in warm, muggy weather. Bizarrely, seersucker was the fabric choice of poor Americans until the 1920s when Ivy League students adopted the material and it fast became a staple of Northeastern WASPs and Southern gentlefolk alike. It's practicality resulted in it's usage by both American and British armies for quite some time.

Seersucker looks best in lighter colours (white, light blues, khaki, ecru etc) and should only be worn during the summer period (no white after Labor Day). I love to pair my suits with a white shirt and a cheeky bow tie or vibrant coloured tie. Seersucker is perfect for summer social events.

Seersucker is particularly popular with Southern preps and was the inspiration behind the US Senate's Seersucker Thursday.