"A hit, a very palpable hit"

This quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet goes to show that fencing has been a noble pursuit for many centuries. Whilst it's popularity has been waning in recent years, there are still a significant number of preps participating in fencing and it is still an essential component of the athletic program of many of the finer prep and public schools.

It has long been the case that a true gentleman should be able to defend himself and this is why fencing and, to some extent, other contact sports such as boxing and wrestling are still esteemed preppy sports despite their somewhat violent nature.

The premise of fencing is that two combatants duel using a light bladed sword (non-lethal). Points are scored by way of making contact with the torso of the opponent.

There is something romantic about the sport given its long and illustrious history and the championing of caped heroes such as Zorro, D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, Puss in Boots, Hamlet etc. It is this romantic image that has so inspired fashion designers over the years to incorporate fencing elements in their design. I particularly like the jacket in the picture below.