Skinny Jeans

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This morning I witnessed, with quite some bemusement, a young man frantically "readjusting" himself as a consequence of the distress caused by his incredibly skinny jeans. It was clear that he had spent quite some time getting himself dressed today and was proud of how high fashion and hip he was looking.
Good for him. I'm all for people dressing how they want as long as they have spent some time considering the virtues of appearance and what they're style suggests about them.
I understand why skinny jeans have become very popular lately, especially as part of a wider eighties fashion revival. I understand the practicality of skinny jeans whilst skateboarding (though surely 100% cotton denim worns so tight is restrictive? Perhaps a plastic blend is necessary here).

I must admit that I quite like fitted slim jeans myself. I think they make for a very smart, clean look and work well with shoes where loose fit jeans don't. I have several pairs in a variety of colors. I also have fitted chinos, grey plaid check pants and a lovely pair of fitted reds. I must stress these are not "skinny" fit but rather a slim, narrow fit. Their is some give in the fabric and they do not reveal every bulge in great detail. I can also often be found in a pair of relaxed fit, classic jeans or trousers on many occasions too.

I'm curious to hear where you stand on this issue and whether these trousers, which are undoubtedly fashionable, are preppy? Can they be preppy? Certainly, slim-fit Levi's 501s where the jean of choice for preps in the 80s and 90s. If you've got the legs why not?