Sailboat Models

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Sailing is a decidedly preppy pastime. For preps life is just something that gets in the way of sailing time. Thus, when not on the water, preps like to surround themselves with nautical paraphanalia to maintain that sense of bliss, that oneness with mother nature, that enlightened zen state, blah blah blah that one gets from being out to sea on daddy's sloop.

This is why you'll always find a model sailboat in a preppy home. Ideally the model should be a replica of a family yacht or some other yacht that has significant meaning to the family. Furthermore, extra kudos is earned if you made it yourself (store bought versions are exclusively for overbearing social climbers).

Ships in bottles are also often seen adorning the shelves of father's study or the library. Building these highly frustrating models is something of a rite of passage for preps when spending summer with the grandparents in Maine... ah memories. There is something quite enchanting about these particular models.