Turtleneck Sweater

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Brrr... It's windy and cold here today. Fall has very definitely arrived. I love the changing seasons but am aware that this time of year is very difficult to dress for... I always find I'm too warm or too cold. The key is to wear thin layers and layer up or down as appropriate. Chunky knits and tweeds aren't quite right yet...

One garment that is particularly practical at this time of year is the turtleneck sweater. Love it or hate it, this 1970s style is going to be very popular this fall. The sweater offers a sleek silouhette that can be very flattering. Furthermore, it keeps you warm (I believe there have been studies that show that a buttoned collar or turtleneck increase body temperature by several degrees).
Wear muted colours (browns, beiges, blues and greys) and pair with a smart jacket and pants (I wouldn't recommend jeans). Colour blending works particularly well. Thin cottons and wools work best in a slim-fitting style. Wear with your peacoat on a windy day. White turtlenecks can also work well under a loose v-neck sweater for a baselayer, or worn with a dark jacket for an elegant but relaxed evening look.