Varsity Jacket (Letterman Jacket)

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This is a classically American garment that has long since been associated with the athletic set in High Schools and Colleges across the USA since way back when. Traditionally manafactured from a boiled wool and often with leather or tweed arms/swatches, this jacket is a preppy Must Have.

Unless you've been living in a cave you will have noticed these everywhere over the last twelve months or so as they have experienced a resurgence in popularity outside of the academic institutions that made them so famous. Pretty much every fashion designer has been working hard to get their varsity jackets out on to the racks and onto the torsos of the young and beautiful.

However, as always, err on the side of preppy over fashion. These jackets were provided to top athletes as a means of allowing them to demonstrate their letters (an award of distinction - the pride of wearing the school's letters). Often times badges are awarded for specific achievements and these are stitched onto the letter or perhaps elsewhere on the garment (lacrosse, crew etc).

I have a couple of these jackets, my favorite being a black and white herringbone wool with dark sleeves. Lovely. Avoid the softshell puffy versions at all costs!