Popular Trends for Preps this Fall

FASHION  |  TRENDWATCH  |  Fall 2011

Firstly, I must stress that preppy is not a fashion trend. The title of this blog should serve to remind my readers that Preppy is a Way of Life. Preppies hold traditional and conservative values very dearly and this is often reflected in the classic clothing styles that preps opt for.

Notwithstanding the above, there are very definite trends in popular clothing items and styles within the preppy set. Some items come in and out of popularity, some styles are influenced by wider fashion trends and so on. This is inevitable. Furthermore, there is an ongoing obsession with preppy fashion which hasn't relented over the past 24 months and so it continues.

This being the case, I thought it might be useful to share my thoughts on what items should be taking pride of place in your winter wardrobe this fall.

Key trends for men for fall are the use of warm but versatile materials. Last year we saw a surge in popularity of tweed jackets and coats, the country wear of choice also becomming the casual sports jacket of choice for city folk. This year tweed will be popular but we'll see a lot more flannel too as it's easier to pair with other items and the soft speckled material has a richnmess and smart complexity that really adds a subtle but elegant touch to an outfit. Plaid checks will also be popular, though smaller check patterns are more likely to be seen then the big lumberjack style checks of the last couple of years. Navy and cranberry reds will be first choice colours for t-shirts, henleys and rugbies. Purple is also a hot colour for the fall, together with other muted fall colours (burnt orange, rust, red, brown). Turtleneck sweaters are also going to be very popular this season. Other continuing trends include Norwegian Sweaters, Fair Isle sweaters, cable knits, waxed jackets, bodywarmer vests, boots and so on.

Pea Coats are the go-to jacket for dapper gents this fall. Navy blue is the best choice but darker grey and black are good options too. These warm jackets, inspired by dockers and sailors of days gone by, are fantastic for the cooler weather. Snug and smart, these jackets always complete a smart casual look.

Khakis/Chinos are still very much en vogue and will continue to be a popular trouser into the fall season. Opt for heavier cottons (think denim chinos) and darker beiges.

Nautical stripes were very popular over the summer, white with a navy stripe made for perfect t-shirts and long-sleeved tops. The Saint James nautical sweater was key. The nautical stripe trend will definitely continue but navy and red will be the popular choice for fall.

For very casual wear, sweatshirts without a hood are a better option than those with. Light grey athletic sweaters are great paired with jeans for a retro preppy look (pull on a pair of old Tretorns and you are away). Perfect for layering.