Sloane Ranger

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Never flashy. Always confident. This is the slogan for new label Sloane Ranger.
Sloane Ranger(Sloanes/Sloanie) is a term that was coined in the 80s to refer to the UK preppy set. Sloane Square is an eponymous square in Chelsea which is often regarded as the cultural home of UK preps. It is an upmarket district not far from London's West End.

This brand makes a range of purses, belts, bags and laptop cases featuring various motifs (my favorite being their Scottie dog) and in vibrant preppy colors.

Established in 2011, the label is still in it's infancy but has been garnering plenty of attention due to the quality of their accessories and the quirky designs. Unfortunately the majority of their range is very much targeted to the female prep but hopefully they will extend their range in time. One to watch for sure!