Rugby World Cup 2011


A reasonably impressive performance from the USA and lacklustre performances from the leading nations has marked the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011. I have mentioned before that I am a huge, HUGE, rugby fan and thus I'd been anticipating this year's tournament like a fat kid about to embark on his first visit to the sweet shop. Unfortunately, I could not be in New Zealand this year to watch any of it live. A real shame as New Zealand is a wonderful country.

Certainly one of the most exciting games so far has been Wales vs. South Africa. What a stormer and the Welsh for very unlucky not to come away with a win after taking it to a very unconvincing Sprinbok team. The Springboks do have some class though and I'm sure they'll step it up during the remainder of the group stages.
Anyway, where am I going with all this? I couldn't help but notice that the cameraman zoomed in on the South African coaching staff an awful lot more than their Welsh counterparts. Why? Well, I presume this may have something to do with their perfectly preppy uniform of slacks, club blazer, club tie and club jumper.
Unlike the coaching staff of the various other nations participating in the tournament, South Africa goes all out. Other nations simply require the wearing of a representative tie and, sometimes, matching blazers. South Africa respects the traditions of the game and the importance of donning the green and gold of South Africa. Their cricket team wear a similar kit. As Peter de Villiers shows above, players and coaches alike should be proud to don their respective colours.