Timex Easy Reader

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My girlfriend has recently taken part in the New York Marathon (rather her than me!) and did remarkably well. A round of applause please...

Many months of training and testing were required in order to prepare for this feat of endurance. Much equipment was also tested including timepieces. Ultimately she settled on a colourful and cheap Casio stopwatch as the best option but this was not without having purchased and tried several other watches. Expensive perhaps - certainly my wallet didn't appreciate the importance of having the right watch. Nonetheless my own wrist did appreciate the efforts we went to as every visit to a jewellers or sporting goods store resulted in a new Timex and/or strap for me. Yay.
Why should this make me so happy? Well, it's because the Timex Easy Reader is of course a preppy classic. With a simple... er... easy read face and an array of colorful straps available this watch is a versatile accessory that completes the preppy look without requiring expense. Practical, stylish and versatile. How preppy is that?