Duffle Coat

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I find myself looking forward to winter during summer... I love pulling on thick knit sweaters and scarves and gloves and so on... After a couple of weeks of it though, it's a vastly different story!

I am now most definitely sick of having to pull on layers upon layers just to run out to the store for bread and milk! Nonetheless, if you have to grab a coat for such occasions, might I recommend the trusted duffle coat?! I love the simple (slightly scruffy) style of this coat. The toggles add a little cheeky detail and the hood is mightily practical in the cold weather. I have a navy coat which is my preference in terms of colour but  I have seen some lovely black and camel coloured coats too. Pair with a thin light coloured turtleneck or a fisherman sweater (christmas sweater perhaps?).

Definitely a must have for the preppy gentleman but also for the indie kids too.