Lexington Company

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Lexington Company has the perfect preppy furnishings alongside their elegant, understated clothing lines for men, women and babies. A European label that focuses on classic American inspired stylings and modern interpretations of traditional designs, this is a go-to brand for the preppy. I love their bedding range - comfortable and fun.

They have an online store which is really worth a look, though I don't think that they have a facility for US customers yet. Their holiday range is really something. I love the cushions below and am seriously considering placing an order (how cute is the gingerbread house)!
Their menswear collection is along the same lines - classic American styling with understated elegance. Their knits are perfect and they have a lovely star spangled banner sweater that is ideal for cold weather sailing!

Anybody left wondering what to get me for Christmas? Maybe have a look at some of these...