10 Preppiest Vehicles

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10. Lexus LS (1989 - Present)

The flagship model of Toyota's luxury range, the Lexus is a popular preppy choice, albeit a controversial one. Preps tend to prefer American, German or English craftsmanship over that from the Far East, however Toyota proved that the Japanese can do practical and luxurious when they introduced the LS in the late 80s. The LS400 was a very popular choice in the early 90s amongst preps and corporate executives - hence its inclusion at number 10 on this list. The first generation model is decidedly preppier than the more recent incarnation.

9. Audi S6 Avant

Audi was very popular in the 1980s having had numerous sporting successes - particularly in rally sport. The marque experienced something of a decline in the 90s but, thanks to new engineering and a facelift for the entire range, the Audi reemerged as a serious car for preps in the late 90s and 00s. The preppiest of the bunch is the S6 Avant (Estate/Station Wagon/Shooting Brake variant). This is a particularly popular choice amongst the thirtysomething prep who enjoys outdoor sports.

8. Range Rover

Revered British marque Land Rover (now under Indian control) has been making apocalypse proof off-road vehicles forver. In the 1970s, to accommodate a burgeoning market for luxury SUVs, the company introduced the Range Rover. Immediately it became the first choice vehicle for the landed gentry in England and further afield. An updated model in the late 80s gave the Rangie iconic status in Prepdom and it has maintained this status since. In England the vehicle is derisively nicknamed the Chelsea Tractor owing to it's popularity with Sloane Rangers.

7. Volkswagen Golf

Many preps will have a spot reserved in their heart for the Veedub as it is the first choice for their first car (only changing recently since the introduction of the BMW Mini). My first car was a MkII Golf... I loved that little baby. Preppiest choice is probably the white cabriolet version.

6. Land Rover Defender

Undergoing a recent overhaul (a shame methinks), the classic boxy shape of the Defender has been around forever. Popular with various militaries as well as the noble farmer set the Defender 110 is the perfect tractor for pulling your polo ponies to the game or towing your yacht to the marina. Comfort is for softies.

5. Mercedes G-Wagen

Similar to the Defender but somewhat more elegant is the G-Wagon from Mercedes. Popular with preps and Russian gangsters alike, this beast is at home on the range or shopping trips on Rodeo Drive.

4. BMW 3 Series (E21/E30)

Before the introduction of the M3 and it's satus as a boy racer's wet dream, the BMW 3 Series was a very popular sportscar for preps. The E21 of the 1970s and the E30 of the 80s and early 90s were everywhere that preps could be found and are still very much collector items for preps.

Every country club will have one of these in the driveway. Enough said.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a truly preppy vehicle. The wood panneling, the off-road capabilities, the comfortable interior... As featured in preppy imagery and literature throughout the 80s the Grand Wagoneer is a very preppy choice.

1. Volvo Estate

Ladies and gentleman... the most preppy of preppy vehicles... the boxy, reliable, solid Volvo. My dad has driven Volvos for most of his life - sensible, comfortable and versatile it's a no-brainer as to why preps love this vehicle so much.

Extra marks for Woodie variants.

Honourable Mentions:

Saab, Mini, Lincoln Town Car