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It's that time of year when I start planning a little sojourn to the mountains for some shredding. I love to ski, it makes for the best vacation. I love the cold, the snow, the awesome feeling from ripping up the slopes, the apr├ęs ski and the skiwear!

Skiing is a very preppy pastime and any self-respecting prep will be perfectly comfortable tearing down the most intense slopes whilst nursing a killer hangover. I find the altitude and temperature actually combat a hangover quite nicely. A broken down chairlift mid-journey does not... ugh.

A couple of my friends who will be joining me this year for some slopestyle action have converted from skiers to snowboarders. Granted, it looks cool. However, there is something very unpreppy about snowboarding. Perhaps I'm jealous of the oversized pants and big padded jackets. Perhaps not.

In terms of skiwear, inspiration may come from the OPH (as above), however I never understood how people could ski in jeans. I certainly can't. However, typical skiing pants are an atrocious fit.

F.E. Castleberry over at Unabashedly Prep (if you don't know about this blog then you should definitely pay him a visit) shows us how skiwear should be done and I'll be attempting a similar look myself! The pants in his picture come from RLX, Ralph Lauren's outdoor sports range. Definitely worth having a look over the collection for skiwear pieces. Colourful Parkas, quilted down jackets and so on. Make sure any skiwear you buy has RECCO technology if you are going off-piste!

Grab your Fair Isle sweaters, your flannel shirts, your massively oversized sunglasses, bean boots and hip flask and go have some fun!
What's your favorite ski destination?